Smart Switch

Customizable panel to blend with environment.

Smart switches are easy to install, maintain and can be used across homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and more. The Smart Switches can be controlled remotely via an app or even a web-browser. Performance focused, these switches, promise a variety of functions, creating new possibilities in home automation. Create personalized settings with smart home switches with curtain-control, fan and AC control, temperature and humidity control features.

Every intraction make life easy.
Customized color to suit your interior.

Aven App Control Your Home

Aven App controls your smart home devices all in one place.

Aven App allows you to adjust your lights,fan's speeds and more in multiple rooms,creating comfortable envioronments and just the right ambiance with a tap on yor smart home.

You can even use it to control your devices remotely.

Aven App lets you turn on and off your appliances.

Aven App goal has been to make it easy for beginners to setup their smart homes.

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